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Lever de soleil sur les montagnes

Qualifications :

• Physiotherapist

• Radiography operator

• Manual treatments


Training :

• First and second degrees of Reiki

• Traditional Thai massage on futons

• Reflexology


Self-taught :

• Californian massage

• Ayurvedic massage

• Shiatsu and Tui Na

• Animal photography

Les Massages de Laurent - Laurent de bru
Laurent De Bruyn - Les Massages de Laurent_edited_edited.jpg
After numerous professional experiences in the heart of the medical world, my approach to massage largely developed at the Fermes de Marie Spa, a 5-star hotel in Megève where the regular, demanding customers left no room for compromise on the quality of care ; from that time, I very quickly understood that professionalism and personal involvement are inseparable.


Throughout my career, and still today, the many professional encounters, exchanges, customer feedback as well as the trust customers have in me reinforce my deep desire to devote dedicated time to people through massages and treatments.

The Spirit influences the Body, the Body influences the Spirit
and everyone remains the key player in their life 
Whatever the name given to it, for me, a successful massage is above all care that corresponds perfectly to you and your needs;
perception of pressure limits and stretches in manoeuvers and my skilled touch will balance out energies to nourish the
harmony of your Body and your Spirit



that's what I have to offer

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