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All my massages are inspired by ancestral techniques from around the world, are always carried out in the spirit of the moment with your benefit in mind, and can be customized according to your mood, your desires and your needs


Adapted to you and you alone, each massage provides total submersion in "the here and now"


The oils used come from organic agriculture



Call of the Senses       40 min - 55€  

The ultimate way to indulge in a relaxing time-out

Back, neck and face massages are most often requested but it is up to you to compose your own "Call of the Senses" experience

Serenity Escape          55 min - 75€  

A personal invitation to the dance

This first full body massage with harmonious and fluid maneuvers is a privileged way to rediscover yourself

Let Go                            1h10 - 90€  

Cleanse and rebalance the physical and

energy aspects of your body

A personalised protocol resulting in a state of deep relaxation… with the added promise of physical, energetic, emotional and mental state benefits

Spiritual Awakening    1h30 - 110€  

For regulars and those initiated to massages...

Enjoy 1.5 hours of treatment


​Future Mum
​​55 min - 75€ or 1h10 - 90€

Head to toe massage to ease and comfort

the Future Mum and Baby

Using neutral organic oils, this beneficial massage offers wellbeing to mums-to-be by softening the skin and muscles, improving blood circulation, and relieving the areas put under pressure during pregnancy: the head, neck, shoulders, back, lower back, stomach and legs

55 min - 80€

Act at a distance to keep the body

running smoothly

It is widely known that feet are rich in nerve endings.

Through the precise and rhythmic pressures of foot reflexology it is possible to stimulate all vital organs, which can help prevent certain imbalances and contribute to stress and nervous tension release

Sports Recovery/ Preparation
55 min - 80€

You participate in sports during the holidays, all year round or at competition level…

Pain, tension and muscle fatigue will soon be a bad memory thanks to this energetic, rhythmic and precise massage.

Let yourself be tempted by a new approach

Lighter Legs
55 min - 70€

Are heavy legs part of your daily life?

Are muscle aches settling in?

I recommend this massage to improve the efficiency of venous and lymphatic circulation through a customized protocol.

A refreshing treatment to relax and revive tired legs

Young people 
under 16 years old
25 min - 32€ or 55 min - 60€

Children are also entitled to their own wellbeing and relaxation experience...

Massages adapted to under 16 year olds.

Be careful that they do not take too much of a liking!

Healing back Massage

45 min - 65

Precision and seeking tensions

This massage aims to ease your back by releasing knots and harmonizing energy flow

Healing body Massage

1h10 - 100

Comprehensive treatment without manipulation

All the body’s strategic pressure points are reviewed to evoke an incomparable sense of release


Backache (unbalanced or stiff pelvis, unbalanced pelvis, lumbago, back pain, neck pain), osteotendinitis and muscular pain (sprains, tendinitis), nervous or circulatory disorders, anxiety, insomnia, depression, digestive disorders ...

I propose personalised and adapted treatments for your discomforts using effective specific structural techniques such as postural realignment, tissue relaxation, trigger points and suction cups, to ease tendinous, articular, fascial and neurological dysfunctions

 Manual Treatment
​ +/- 45 min - 55
 Manual Treatment + 25 min Massage
 1h10 - 95
 Manual Treatment + Head to toe Massage
  1h40 - 130 


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